Friday, 18 March 2011

Back home

Hi, Nepal was a blur of chai tea, tree climbing and daal baat. The trip was another very rewarding experience. Please find below a few pictures. Steve

Wednesday, 9 March 2011



Just got to Chitwan after a long days driving. Things went quick with the views constantly changing from the pine forests of the higher hills through to the lower tarai. All is very good but I am a little numb from the last couple of weeks adventure. The plan is to head to Kathmandu tomorrow morning and then fly back to the UK on Friday. Picture and more details to follow!

Cheers Steve

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hi, sorry for the lack of posts but things have been nonstop. Days have merged into one and things have been challenging but very rewarding. I am currently in Butwal sitting in the restaurant of a hotel writing this post on a laptop. This feels a million miles away from this morning where we were working out in the field climbing sal trees to gain access to vultures nests. Things are going along well with the work but the plan changes on an hour by hour bases which can prove interesting. I have now stopped asking “whats the plan” and starting to enjoy the unknown of where we are going and when will we get there. This is very different from life back home and one I do miss.

So to sum up the past few days I think this list of words may give you an idea:

Vultures chicks, dust, snakes, catapults and tangled throw lines, tigers, ants, heat, daal baat, tag+salt+water, ropes+harness, rhinos,tree climbing, sore limbs, sun cream factor 50, streamed up sun glasses, yoga, interesting car journeys, hanging on ropes, buffalos, heat, large trees small vulture chicks, small trees large vulture chicks, vulture restaurants, bananas, nuts, chai tea, daal baat and more chai tea!

It has taken a little while to get into this groove but things are all good!

Any news in the UK?
Thanks Steve

Monday, 28 February 2011

traveling blur

hi, the last few days have been a blurr...a mixture of many types road travel, hiking and tree climbing.....all is good but currently getting eaten by mozies and this computer keyboard has a mind of it own...i will write more soon but things are proving tricky at the moment...hope all is ok...steve

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A day in Kathmandu


My first full day in Kathmandu and already adjusted back into it. Really enjoying being back in Kathmandu but also looking forward to heading out into the more remote areas. Not really keeping today purely traditional by listening to African music and eating Italian pizza for dinner!

Today involved sorting through the tree climbing equipment and a bit of hack sawing to save on weight. Getting itchy to start the work but another day is needed in Kathmandu before we leave.

Thanks Steve

Landing in Kathmandu


all is good and now in Kathmandu......traveling seemed to go quick and landing in Kathmandu brought memories flooding back.....the smells, sights and driving madness, how would you not love it?? the evening headed out for some fine food (dal baat) and beer.....after a good nights rest sorting a few out and then we will be leaving Kathmandu tomorrow to head South.

cheers steve

Monday, 21 February 2011

Airport--waiting game

hi, I am in the Airport and waiting for the check in desk to open.......arriving 8 hours early can have its draw backs...but atleast I will not miss the plane!

I will update soon with any news...

Thanks Steve